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Hunting in New Zealand

NZ Hunting Info

New Zealand Hunting Seasons

Our hunting season begins mid February (our late summer) and goes through to the end of July(Late winter)

It is excellent hunting for Red Stags, Elk and Fallow from mid-February right through to the end of July with the rut being mid-March to mid-April.

Tahr and Chamois are also hunted from mid-February through to the end of July and their rut season is May, June and July when they have their full winter capes.

Red Stag 600 SCI

Hunting Trophies

In New Zealand it is possible to take additional animals once you are here, even though you have not booked for them. Additional trophy hunts are arranged with us on the spot and charges can be negotiated at the time.

Field preparation of trophies is included in the day rate. After your hunt we deliver them to our Expeditor who salts, crates and prepares all paper work and delivers them to the shipper to ensure easy entry to your country. This cost is not included and is paid direct to the Expeditor and shipper. Every care and attention is taken to ensure your trophies arrive in excellent condition to your Taxidermist.

For Tahr and Chamois hunts, depending on your physical ability and time, we can suggest the use of a helicopter to access our higher hunting area in the Alps. If you choose this option budget approximately NZ$2000$2500. Keep in mind that helicopter assist is an option and you do not have to use it.

450-500G SCI Red Stag | South Pacific Safaris

Importation of Firearms

The importation of firearms is easy and New Zealand is very hunter friendly. On arrival in NZ all firearms are declared to the Auckland Police at port of entry. Visit the New Zealand Police website to obtain and complete a visitors firearms license application form. It should not take more than 10 minutes to clear your guns on arrival.

Suitable calibers for NZ are 270, 30-06, 300MAG, 7mm MAG. Shots vary in distance from 100 – 300 yards. Ensure rifles are sighted in and that the projectiles loaded are of premium quality.

Ram Trophy 2 | South Pacific Safaris

Travel Arrangements To New Zealand

Direct Flights depart from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston. Air New Zealand operates these services as a part of the star alliance group.

All flights arrive into Auckland where you clear customs and then connect down to Christchurch which is only approximately a one hour flight. We suggest you stay in Christchurch on the night of arrival to rest after your flight.

Fallow Buck 1 | South Pacific Safaris

New Zealand Climate

Our seasons are opposite to North America and Europe i.e. our summer is the Northern Hemisphere winter.

February & March – Summer temperatures 70 -90 Farenheit / 21 – 32 Celsius

April & May – Autumn (fall) temperatures 60 – 70 Farenheit / 15 – 21 Celsius

June & July – Winter temperatures 35 – 52 Farenheit / 2 – 11 Celsius

600+B SCI Red Stag | South Pacific Safaris